Can you send me samples?
Of course. We send out random samples free of charge. Just fill in your request here____ and we will have your samples to you within the week.
Can you send me mock ups or virtual samples?
Our design team does virtual mock ups free of charge. Please send over your artwork and design ideas and we will get to work.


What colors do you have available?
Every color! Our sunglasses are completely custom made to match exact Pantone colors.
What is a Pantone color?
The Pantone Color Matching System is the international standard for replicating colors. Because every printer and screen show colors slightly differently, the pantone system assigns a number to each color, allowing it to be reproduced without confusion.
See them here: Pantone Colors
Do electroplated lenses obstruct the vision? Why don’t they have holes in the lenses like other printed lenses?
Electroplating is a chemical process that permanently bonds your logo onto the lenses of your glasses. The glasses you’ve seen with holes in the lenses use a different treatment- lens stickers. Lens stickers have pinholes cut out of stickers that are affixed to the lenses. If you are looking for lens stickers instead of electroplating, just let us know!
I have a complicated, three-color logo. What can you do for me?
Of course, that’s what we specialize in! We do not charge extra to print in multiple colors on your glasses.
What are your preferred file types?
Ideally, we prefer editable vector format artwork: (ai, eps, pdf) and editable photoshop files. However, if you don’t have those formats, not to worry. Send over what you have and our design team will get to work.
Is there anything I cannot print on my glasses?
Typically, logos with 2-3 colors look best. The more colors you print on the lenses, the harder they become to see through.
What is your set up charge?
We do no charge set up charges for any of our sunglasses.
What’s the fewest number of glasses I can order?
Our minimum order quantity is 600 pairs of glasses.
What are your payment terms?
We request 100% payment upon order placement. For larger orders, we accept a 50% deposit and 50% upon delivery. To discuss payment terms, please give us a call at 215-543-6260
How can I bring the price down?
If you can finalize your order more than 60 days before you need delivery, we can ship your glasses from our factories by ocean-freight and pass the savings on to you.
If I order two sets of 2,500 can I get the 5,000 piece pricing?
Our pricing is based on identical pairs of sunglasses. If you want to split your order between styles, pricing will be based on the number of pairs within each style.



Can I get them sooner than 30 days?
We can’t guarantee delivery in fewer than 30 days.
Where do your glasses ship from?
Philadelphia, PA
Can I order if I’m outside the United States?
Yes. We work closely with clients in Canada to import their goods into the country. If you are looking to ship glasses to another country other than Canada, give us a call and we will work with you to import your glasses.