Our Process



Every order of College Glasses is designed by our in house design team in Philadelphia. Using Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Computers, and stacks of Pantone color chips, our creative director, Alicia Silfies, creates the captivating, innovative designs we’re famous for. All of our lenses are tested for impact resistance and UV protection and polarization by FDA certified testing facilities.


Our frames are made from a customized AC plastic polymer. This particular blend of AC was chosen for its superior strength, flexibility, and ability to hold brilliant colors and patterns.

Our lenses are made from impact resistant polycarbonate. Each lens is molded, polished, and treated for UV400 protection or polarization. All of our lenses are tested for impact resistance and UV protection by FDA certified testing facilities.

All of our glasses come standard with sturdy metal hinges. While these metal hinges cost more than screw hinges, they are significantly stronger and help us create a product we are proud of.


Each pair of College Glasses is assembled by hand at our state of the art factory.

Our custom AC plastic frames are molded, polished twice, smoothed, and painted to exactly match your chosen pantone colors. Once the frames are done, we use pad printing and thermal transfer processes to create complex logos and patterns.

Our lenses are molded, polished, treated for sun protection and quality checked for protection and impact resistance.

Once the frames and lenses are finished, each pair is assembled and packaged by hand. Our glasses are usually wrapped in a poly bag and packaged 24 pairs to a box, 25 boxes per carton. We do offer customized packaging as well as cases just ask!